Not to Old but…


Just not in the mood to go trekking through that wet stuff now.


Will be in Naga City Philippines – Bicol Region

Malabsay Falls in Naga City, Philippines

Yes, I am still in the Philippines.  I have few more days before I leave for Hong Kong and back to the States.

Naga City (Ciudad nin Naga) was established in 1575 on order of Spanish Governor-General Francisco de Sande, the city, then named Ciudad de Nueva Caceres (New Caceres City).    Naga City is the second largest city in the Bicol Region (Region V).

Residents of the city are called Nagueños and the city (that I know of) has two nick names “Heart of Bicol” and “Queen City of Bicol.”

Naga City is located 377 kilometres (234 mi) southeast of Manila.

Naga City natural attractions are:

  • Mount Isarog a dormant volcano and a national park open for trekking and mountain biking
  • Malabsay Falls
  • Mt. Isarog Hot Springs

Naga City has several historical sites and museums but that is not why I am going there.  I am going (hoping) to the Naga Sports Complex, visit my god-children and of course dine like a King.   I will not be visiting Magsaysay Avenue but for you people that are interested this is the hot spot for Night entertainment and dining.

I think my day will be pretty much filled with activities.  What about your day?