10 Realities After a Major Flooding Event

If You Just Moved Here: 10 Realities After a Major Flooding

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Man down Man Down


Yesterday, I pulled a hamstring muscle in my right leg chasing a cute dog that stole my wallet.  Locales got my wallet back but many of them with the exception of a baby were laughing their butts off.  Even I’m laughing at myself when I think about. 

The whole situation looked like something from a British comedy TV show.  In fact it was so funny that it took awhile before anyone other than myself to realize that I was rolling on the ground in pain.

I wonder what life lesson was I supposed to learned from this situation?

The Itch


really like trekking in the jungle trying to make sure i don’t get lost.  Hack I almost like all those strange silent noise that goes on a night.

The only thing I don’t miss is the bitt
ing insects. This morning I woke up with red patches and bumps on my legs,  arm and face. I looked like a dog with fleas trying to stop the itching. Oh, did I mention I’m in a small town now.

I forgot to mention there are no yarrow or stuff that I am use to gathering or collecting in the woods back in the USA. I just might break down and buy something.

Do anyone of you out there know what can do or make to stop the burn and itch quickly? I am in the Albay area of the Philippines now.



Have you noticed that when something is done great the Boss gets the credit but that 1 time something goes wrong you get the blame even if it was the Boss who did it?

I am going for a walk in the woods now. It is a shame that I want be able to get lost because tonight is my turn to cook.

Six Things You Should Know Before Carrying a Gun


So you took a basic gun safety class, now what else do you need to know?

  1. Know Your Local Self-Defense Laws
  2. Know How to Spot Trouble Before it Happens
  3. Know How to Draw Your Gun Efficiently From Concealment While under Stress
    • This means not using a cheap nylon holster.
    • This means practicing your draw at home
  4. Know How to Deploy a Less Lethal Weapon Efficiently
    • Not every problem is a gun problem…
    • If you are carrying pepper gas, where is it right now?
  5. Know some Unarmed Combatives
    • Not every problem is a…

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5 Life-Saving Survival Trees That Can Heal, Feed And Keep You Alive


trees for survival

By Pat B

When we think of trees in survival situations, we tend to gravitate to the obvious. Trees give us wood for our camp fires. They provide structure to our shelters, materials from which shelters can be built. These are all accurate perceptions, but trees, if you know them, can contribute much more to our chances of survival than just something to burn and something to build with.

Consider for a moment the varieties of nut trees that grow on the North American continent. There are hickories, walnuts, buckeyes, pecans, and hazel nuts to name just a few. Then consider the wild fruit trees, from plums to persimmons crab apples to mulberries. It becomes clear that at certain seasons, trees can provide a wide variety of food supplies.

1. Oak Tree

Even the oak tree produces acorns which can be turned into meal or flour; the trick is to…

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