Have you noticed that when something is done great the Boss gets the credit but that 1 time something goes wrong you get the blame even if it was the Boss who did it?

I am going for a walk in the woods now. It is a shame that I want be able to get lost because tonight is my turn to cook.


Six Things You Should Know Before Carrying a Gun


So you took a basic gun safety class, now what else do you need to know?

  1. Know Your Local Self-Defense Laws
  2. Know How to Spot Trouble Before it Happens
  3. Know How to Draw Your Gun Efficiently From Concealment While under Stress
    • This means not using a cheap nylon holster.
    • This means practicing your draw at home
  4. Know How to Deploy a Less Lethal Weapon Efficiently
    • Not every problem is a gun problem…
    • If you are carrying pepper gas, where is it right now?
  5. Know some Unarmed Combatives
    • Not every problem is a…

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