U.S. Electric Grid Vulnerablity

Contra Fighter

Recently Judge Jeanine Pirro ran a special on her Fox News show about the vulnerability of the U.S. Power grid. The results of the show are nothing less than horrifying. She had a few guests on her show to comment about the security be given to our electric power grid. Among the 2 most noteworthy were Frank Gaffney and James Woolsey. Gaffney served in the Reagan administration as an advisor on nuclear forces, while Woolsey was director of CIA under President Clinton. Both men are known as conservatives in the public arena.

Woolsey was first.  He described the political landscape today of a Congress more interested in retaining their perceived power than to the abysmal security for our electric grid. He stated that both houses of government would like to keep their heads in the sand, than be brought face to face with the reality of an aging and increasingly…

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