5 Life-Saving Survival Trees That Can Heal, Feed And Keep You Alive


trees for survival

By Pat B

When we think of trees in survival situations, we tend to gravitate to the obvious. Trees give us wood for our camp fires. They provide structure to our shelters, materials from which shelters can be built. These are all accurate perceptions, but trees, if you know them, can contribute much more to our chances of survival than just something to burn and something to build with.

Consider for a moment the varieties of nut trees that grow on the North American continent. There are hickories, walnuts, buckeyes, pecans, and hazel nuts to name just a few. Then consider the wild fruit trees, from plums to persimmons crab apples to mulberries. It becomes clear that at certain seasons, trees can provide a wide variety of food supplies.

1. Oak Tree

Even the oak tree produces acorns which can be turned into meal or flour; the trick is to…

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Naturally Preserving Food for Long Term Survival



By Joy Tochi

Natural preservatives can come in quite handy especially when it comes to long term survival. There are many advantages to preserving your food naturally as it prevents the deterioration of food, thereby making it last longer.

Below are good-to-use natural preservation methods that won’t stress your pockets. What’s more, they will come in useful in emergency situations.


onionThe term dehydration refers to the removal of water from food such that their nutrients are preserved and the food lasts for a longer period of time. Some foods may require simple methods such as the use of a fan to air-dry the food. Other foods require other methods of dehydration.

Whichever method you decide to use, the aim should be to remove as much water as possible from your food and still leave them edible for a long time to come. Most dehydration methods are accomplished through heating…

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Survival Defense: Crafting a Fire-Hardened Spear



By Josh

Although being prepared generally means having the best means of defense available, there may be situations where you need a more primitive means of defense. The spear was historically used from the earliest times and even into the modern era in some places, and it still has its place when you’re stuck in the wilderness and in need of a weapon. Of course you can just use a knife or some rocks to shape a stick into a spearpoint, but a little bit of hardening by a campfire can drastically improve the durability and performance of your spear, making it a highly recommended step.

How to create your spear

A spear is one of the simplest weapons possible, but for proper fire hardening you will want to use good, solid wood that is durable and hard. Oak or ash wood are both excellent candidates, and you should cut…

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