What did you learn today?…Really


I am starting to think that some of you are overspending and under-training.

Stop watching television and get out there  and do it yourself so you don’t have to say, “It worked on __________.”

I am sorry but if you can’t

  1. build or even find a safe shelter
  2. start a fire (without a match or a lighter)
  3. collect and boil some water
  4. hold your ground in a fight (optional)

I am not mad at you but be honest you are useless.  A $200(USD)/€147(EUR) survivalist tool, expensive bag and equipment does not make a person a survivalist or a Bushman.  Until you develop your skills and learn how to use your equipment (see below) – all you have are tools that are dead weight on your back.   Okay, yeah you might look good but that is it but I might be wrong on that – has anyone out there seen a person catch a rabbit or deer with their “good-looking” and expensive bag?

Everyone that knows me personally without a doubt in their heads – knows that I hate snow and cold weather.  Yet on the coldest record-setting day with snow up to my knees and a strong wind blowing, I was outside for almost 10 hours clearing snow, setting up different types of shelters with a tarp and figuring out how to start a fire with wet wood (hint: lint and feathering).  The only reason why I was out there for 10-hours was because I was training and promise myself I wasn’t going in until I got that fire started. LOL – this is what happens when I get a day off from work.

What did you learn today?  I am not into the “Zombie” movement but this photo below sums it all up