10 Wild Edible Plants to Save Your Life

English: Medicinal Plants Collection in the Un...

English: Medicinal Plants Collection in the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Identifying edible plants
The first rule to follow is that if you can’t positively identify a plant, don’t eat it. A plant could be poisonous and if you identify it incorrectly, that could be  a bad end.

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How to Survive the Knockout Game


How to Survive the Knockout Game

Posted by P. Henry

The news is buzzing recently of the “knockout game”. This is the latest dangerous fad for stupid people to get their kicks at the expense of others. The goal of this “game” is to hit someone so hard you knock them out. Drudge Report has several headlines on his site; the latest is of three knockout cases in Philadelphia. The MO seems to be in most cases to sucker punch someone when they aren’t suspecting it. The victims do not appear to be robbed of anything in most cases, just injured physically although some have died.

I could get into a rant about society and the ills that we have brought upon ourselves but there is not much point. Society is what it is and each of us have to live in the society we have created. Like all other things in…

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