She is Watching

Wife Urban TinThis morning while driving to work I seen my wife reaching for her purse. I didn’t pay attention until I seen the light from a flashlight. Than I notice the emergency tin kit that I made for her last summer.

I had updated that kit three times and I had never seen her carried it until this morning. But I kept my mouth shout. This evening I asked her about her flashlight and she said “Which one?” She has a total of three flashlights that I have given her.

Now I know there are many of you out there wondering what is a tin kit and what is the big deal about her using it. I will get to that later. I’m on my  cell phone now typing this blog. Now back to what was said next.

She said, “I have three.”                                                                                                       I asked “Why?”
“Because that is all I’m going to carry” she said. “Since when?” I replied quickly.  “After you pulled out your tweezers from your pocket kit to help the cashier.”

She was watching and learning.

I’ll update this blog later when I can sit down at my computer.  I’m going to take a photo of her kit too with her permission of course.  Please forgive the grammar and misspelled words.

Inside wife Urban Tin

What you see: Mirror, scissors, green decal (?), pen, flash light, Glucose tablets, black and white thread.

What you don’t see:
Index cards for writing, in the plastic bag: first aid package, money, needle, threader and small nail clip.

This is her personal tin and is seems that she is updating it.


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