Prepper Tips On Staying Alive During A Crisis

Prepper Tips On Staying Alive During A Crisis

via Prepper Tips On Staying Alive During A Crisis.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest.  You should live the way you want, work at something you enjoy doing, reside where you want and get as much satisfaction from life as possible.  (continue)



I am still here…

Accidents will happen stop crying about itI didn’t realize that when I was writing to my blog from my phone that I was not allowed to share video.  Which means all six blogs were not posted.

I am going to fix that soon.

Is History Repeating Itself?


“If you don’t know your past – you don’t know your future.” History will always repeat itself if the majority choice to “not” learn from the past and correct the mistakes that were made. While some are stuck in a past that is full of waste and hate.

Do you know who Kitty Werthmann is and why she is warning the world that the United States of America is heading down the exact same path that she experienced?

Like her or hate her she has been there.  See video here

She is Watching

Wife Urban TinThis morning while driving to work I seen my wife reaching for her purse. I didn’t pay attention until I seen the light from a flashlight. Than I notice the emergency tin kit that I made for her last summer.

I had updated that kit three times and I had never seen her carried it until this morning. But I kept my mouth shout. This evening I asked her about her flashlight and she said “Which one?” She has a total of three flashlights that I have given her.

Now I know there are many of you out there wondering what is a tin kit and what is the big deal about her using it. I will get to that later. I’m on my  cell phone now typing this blog. Now back to what was said next.

She said, “I have three.”                                                                                                       I asked “Why?”
“Because that is all I’m going to carry” she said. “Since when?” I replied quickly.  “After you pulled out your tweezers from your pocket kit to help the cashier.”

She was watching and learning.

I’ll update this blog later when I can sit down at my computer.  I’m going to take a photo of her kit too with her permission of course.  Please forgive the grammar and misspelled words.

Inside wife Urban Tin

What you see: Mirror, scissors, green decal (?), pen, flash light, Glucose tablets, black and white thread.

What you don’t see:
Index cards for writing, in the plastic bag: first aid package, money, needle, threader and small nail clip.

This is her personal tin and is seems that she is updating it.